Pizza Hut's mascot "Cheese Kun" Mumbai

"Pizza Hut Club Mail"I regularly receive the coupon code etc, sometimes useful for some taste reviews, but this mail, in fact the setting that Pizza Hut's mascot" Cheese Kun "is written, The content has become a tremendous quality anyhow, and the editorial department is shaking every time it arrives. Let's look at a part of that awkward idea drainage writing technique this time.

"Cheese kun" missteps are from the following.
First of all, it's always the same, super high tension.

Hello! Pizza hut's mascot, cheese, ♪

So, there are various advertisements in between, and at the end, thankful words from you cheese are marked.

In order to give a rest to my mother who always makes delicious rice
Let's also request a pizza hut by everyone ☆

Well, I will have a nice consecutive holiday ♪ again!

It seems that it is named after Mother's Day,Let's buy pizza to take a restYou can sense the intense message that. In the case of campaign arriving in the box of Code Geass was such a sentence.

This time, lots of campaigns! Will various gifts be hit?
Let's apply, ♪ When seeing animation, after all pizza!

It is the best time to see favorite animation while cheeking up delicious pizza.
But my behavior is bad and I have to make sure my mother is not angry (lol)

Well then, I will email you again ☆

"When seeing animation, after all pizza!One word will come true. Because cheese loves animation, that is, there is a serious Aniota theory. You can check it with the following sentences.

Does everyone like animation? I love ☆ of course, always pizza
I am watching while eating (lol) Japanese animation is high quality
It is popular all over the world, is not it? It is amazing. Japanese pizza also globally
As I am loved, I have to work hard and have to taste!

Well then, I will email you again ♪

Besides that, I will try to send pizza by multiplying every possible opportunity.

First of all, cheese who enjoys to start spring living in pizza.

Spring that starts a new life season of encounter ♪ New friends and workplaces
It is also good to invite parties and have a home party ☆

It is the pizza after all that is active at that time! A little gathering for pizza
If there is, it looks gorgeous just by it, it will feel fun ♪
Everyone also use Pizza Hut more and more and enjoy the spring party.

Well then I will email you again!

Pizza is my friend when watching soccer.

Today, I will call a friend and watch a soccer match party! Well suited
If we enclose the crowd, we encourage you to form a circle and feel like unite
You can do it. Pizza is a mysterious food. Our fans cheer for our players
I hope to receive it ♪

Well then I will email you again!

Cheese who suggests pizza even at cherry blossoms.

I wonder why the cherry blossoms will be so exciting so much ♪ In addition,
There is no such luxury to eat one pizza under the cherry blossoms
Is not there? This year's cherry-blossom viewing is more fun than usual! Pizza beer
The compatibility with it is also preeminent, but everyone is careful just drinking too much ☆

Well then, I will email you again ♪

Cheese who said that graduation ceremony will be closed with pizza.

Many people came to graduation ceremony this month? Have stayed together until now
Opportunities to open home parties with their fellows are likely to increase. With that
Of course, of course pizza. If it encompasses the delicious taste, everyone's feelings
I will become one. You should be able to have good memories. Each spring, one with pizza
Enjoy it!

Well then, I will email you again ♪

Cheese, who finds a victory even for Valentine's Day or White Day, which is said to be a conspiracy of a chocolate shop, is a stubbornness of a wonderful merchant solemn that can only be said to be exceptional.

It is good to give chocolate, but the point is that feelings are important. Gender
Not to change, to call a favorite person, to have a pizza party, my Ichio
Shiplan! If you combine hot-fish pizza and lovely dessert, sweet
I should be having a good time ♪ Enjoy more free Valentine's Day this year
I'm done

Well, I will email you again!

Women are most happy about returning White Day?
There are talks about returning Valentine 's chocolate three times, but what is important is a feeling
I do not mind paying expensive gifts, but when two people spend time together, that time
I guess it is the happiest thing? If there is a delicious pizza without saying it!
Everyone, have a happy white day ♪

Well, I will email you again!

There was a great remark in collaboration with Monster Hunter.

Games are interesting ~! Especially "Monster Hunter"
Not only is it not only to defeat the star but also to trap and cooperate with each other
It's exciting to hunt! Of course I am addicted.
That's it! So, when you are playing games pizza! "You can not hunt if your hungry goes down"
Let's go out for monster hunting with pizza in hand.

Well then I'll email you again ♪

"Monster hunt with pizza in hand."The proposal of a new style called" momentum of scales falling from the eye. " Moreover, the official AA (ASCII art) also exists, and it is confirmed in the mail.

_ ■ _ very, very, very big news!
/ ¯¯ \ /
| | ─! It is! To the pizza hut where the fabric boasts, this spring, again new
| ∪ ∪ | \ It's delicious!
\ □ \ | Something in this fabric, the deliciousness is packed tightly,
| | It looks amazing ☆
| |
(/ \ / \) Please read today 's mail as well!

Of course, at the editorial department, the moment this e-mail arrived, it became a big fuss in a different meaning.

In addition, cheese 's delusional habit is the momentum to intervene in the past history,Pizza should have been added to the doll festival on March 3He is making a hard line.

The origin of the peach festival was the Heian period. I like to decorate a gorgeous bunch like you are today
It was from the Muromachi Period. In those days pizza has not been invented yet
But, if I had, I think I was absolutely added to a feast for the Hinamatsuri.
Because, pizza is nutritious full, balance is also good! It is perfect for children's growth
And, the party will be excited more than anything! By all means, this year will be a pizza for the Hina Matsuri
Have fun trying ♪

Well then I will email you again

Also, as opposed to "Ehumaki" new habits "Egata PizzaIt is desperate to take root.

In the Kansai Setsubun, "Ewakamori (Eho Maki)" and saying that year in the year
There is a custom to eat tongue rolls towards you. Talk silently and eat one.
If you finish, your wish will come true. But in my case 'Egata pizza'!
While wishing, I made a piece of mussham shirt. Because it is surprisingly effective, I definitely recommend it
Try as well ☆

Well then, I will email you again ♪

Even football and White Day are the only things that claim pizza, howPizza should be suitable for accompanying "Rakugo"Presented a discourse called.

Cheese Kun, I'm completely addicted to Rakugo ☆ Pizza Hutte
While watching, please imitate Mr. Shiya. I will do it in front of my friends
You are receiving it (laugh)

Of course, when enjoying Rakugo is accompanied by pizza! Pizza while listening to rakugo
You are new ones! By all means, everyone ☆ Please

Well then, I will email you again ♪

"Pizza party while listening to rakugoIt is not such a dimension as new anymore. I am surprised every time in the idea of ​​cheese.

Of course, Cheese-kun is not exercising himself with such a delusion each time, also has a proper knowledge,About our company.

Origin of the foundation has been a thousand years old, but it was a holiday since 1967.
It's been surprising recently. By the way Pizza Hut was founded in 1958. in Japan
I landed in 1973 and it has been over thirty years already. This is surprisingly long
I'm gonna do my best to keep everyone loving you!

Well then, I will email you again ☆

What a love spirit, truly cheese.

In addition, cheese's tough negotiator is famous for the first time,It is possible to take it to pizza from a topic of no relation at allis. Below is the most typical example, the skill that connects from e-mail to pizza is overwhelming force.

E-mail now is an indispensable communication for our lives
That's the way it is. I also like e-mail, so I have lots of fellow friends ♪
Oh, that's right! Let's have a pizza hut today and have a home party today!
Alright, I will do my best for you to call a lot of my friends ☆
Pearmail is convenient (laugh) Well then, see you later ♪

"Oh, that's right!The rapidity of this transformation of the talk is a special mention. It will not be an overstatement to say that there is no enemy anymore for Cheese. What on earth is this person in "Cheese Kun"? The editorial department will continue to keep track of the cheese's ecology.

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