Will the start of the new animation "Slayers REVOLUTION" start in July?

Previously at GIGAZINEAs "Slayers REVOLUTION" was decided to make a new animation for the first time in 11 yearsIt seems that there is a possibility that the broadcasting start time will be in July.

If it is true, is not it good news for fans?

Details are as below.
This is Fujimi Fantasia Bunko released on April 19 (Saturday), "Maburaho - Jun Namon no Maki - san ~".

There was a notice flyer of "Dragon Magazine July" released on May 20 (Tue) in the inside.

Just before the animated broadcasting between "Ah!"! It seems to be a feature of "Slayers".

Will it be highly probable that it will be broadcast as an animation of the beginning of July 2008 which is the program reorganization period as of May 20 (Tuesday) just before broadcasting?

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