Wii graphics to improve as much as PS 3 and Xbox 360

Although Nintendo's Wii has a feeling that graphic performance is inevitably higher compared with Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360, receiving the development of a new game engine, graphics may improve to be comparable to PS3 and Xbox 360 It is said that it is not.

A demo movie has already been released and it is expected content.

Details are as below.
Quantum 3 Engine Announced For Wii - Gameworld Network news story

According to this article, a company called High Voltage Software has developed a new game engine for Nintendo's Wii game "Quantum 3".

Kerry Ganofsky, CEO of High Voltage Software, said it was created from its company's 15 years of development experience on "Quantum 3" and said it can smoothly provide high-quality graphics comparable to PS 3 and Xbox 360 , We are releasing a game called "The Conduit" as the first game of "Quantum 3" actually.

The demonstration movie of "The Conduit" can be seen from the following link.
YouTube - The Conduit - High Voltage Quantum 3 Tech Demo (Wii)

It may be difficult to determine whether it is actually a quality graphic comparable to PS3 or Xbox 360, but it is good that improving the quality of graphics is good.

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