Yahoo and Microsoft and Rakuten jointly express "opposite" to "youth Internet regulation bill"

Yahoo,Microsoft,Rakuten, Also known as "Mobage"Dee · A ·, We are doing a filtering projectNet starIn cooperation with five companies of the company, so-called "Youth Internet regulation bill"We expressed our intention to oppose about. This was decided after fully exchanging opinions with parents and education officials including the National High School PTA Federation.

In this announcement, five companiesLegislation is the last thing to come and we would like to encourage private initiatives that are currently progressingIt is said.

What the details of this bill moved this five companies so far, details of bills that could lead to a life or death problem of the Internet itself are as follows.
Opinion on youth Internet regulation bill and voluntary efforts to be done with parents (Microsoft Co., Ltd.)

Opinion on the youth Internet regulation bill and voluntary efforts to be carried out with parents D.N.

According to this, now several bills are examined in each party regarding the use of children and the Internet, and in some bills it is obliged to introduce a mechanism that can not reflect diverse opinions of parents, It is said that there is a tendency to impose regulations that are highly harmful and can not expect effects. Therefore, we are opposing these bills.

Also, in keeping with the introduction that anyone is aware of the necessity of fostering an environment that children can use the Internet with peace of mind, each company has been making efforts for that, so that parents and guardians It is pointed out that no one would benefit that the country unilaterally pushes a way that children who should be protected do not want, and can not expect effects. We would like to contribute to creating the best environment with children and parents.

Although it is very conspicuous opinion, until now, since such a opinion rarely got from a major Internet company, it is a very good trend.

The actual activity plan is the following three.

1. Produce easy-to-understand teaching materials from parents' perspective from parents and school officials so that parents can easily give their children education on securing the safe Internet environment of children's Internet and improving literacy To

2. Under cooperative relationship with parents and school officials, dispatch lecturers and hold a study group for parents. Also, we regularly provide information on the Internet circumstances surrounding children and how to use them.

3. By improving the status of "reversal of knowledge of parents and children" that had been an obstacle to guidance by parents by providing information etc. to parents, guardians can easily instruct their children We will help you create an environment.

In recent years, the movement to regulate by any law is active, but politicians and other interested organizations trying to regulate industries established in the absence of resources such as the Internet in the absence of resources are restricted You should.

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