Geography problems many of American young people could not answer 8

It summarizes the problems of geography that American youth suffered from answers, such as "where is Iraq on the map?" There are 8 questions in all, it is not that complicated, but it may be a bit difficult problem for people who are not good at geography.

Details are as below.
Geography quiz

this isNational GeographicSurveyed and gathered the problems that young Americans were unable to answer so much. Since teaching methods are different in America and Japan, it is not necessarily that American knowledge is insufficient.

The first question, "Where is Iraq? Drag the pin and stab it at the position of Iraq." It is Iraq, which is often the stage for news, but the geography of the Middle East may be a bit confusing. It should have been reported quite a lot in the United States, but 63% of respondents seem to have been unable to answer.

The third question, "How many times the population of China is the population of the US?"

The seventh question, a matter of asking somewhere about Afghanistan in the map problem. This is less well-known than Iraq, 88% could not answer.

Q8. Where is New York State? New York State is the third most populous state in the United States, for Americans it is about my own country, but it seems that half of the respondents could not answer.

By the way, information such as how much an American responded to the question is displayed after solving the problem.

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