External terrestrial digital broadcast tuner for external PC type compatible with USB 2.0 comes out from Buffalo

IOO dataYaPixelaHas already announced that it will sell the external terrestrial digital tuner for PC, but it finally comes out from Buffalo with full.

Details of prices, release dates, high resolution images of products etc. are from the following.
Terrestrial digital broadcasting can be enjoyed neatly with a PC! Terrestrial digital tuner for personal computers that can also record HDTV broadcasting | Press release

Digital terrestrial tuner for PC "DT-H30 / U2"(USB 2.0 compatible external type) is like this. The suggested retail price is 21,000 yen, if it is a direct sales site10,800 yen. Scheduled to be released in mid-May 2008. Scheduled to be released as soon as it is approved to issue the B-CAS card.

This is "DT-H50 / PCI"(Built-in PCI bus compatible type), suggested retail price is 21,200 yen, if it is a direct sales site20800 yen. Also scheduled to be released mid May. Scheduled to be released as soon as it is approved to issue the B-CAS card.

The viewing screen image of "PCastTV for terrestrial digital broadcasting" of attached software is as follows. Recording on the hard disk is possible.

It is also compatible with EPG and data broadcasting, it is also possible to view program listings, program information, news, weather information etc in addition to viewing programs.

Moreover, it carries "HP mode" which can record for a long time with high vision image quality. Approximately twice as long as the mode for directly recording digital broadcasting (DP mode) is possible. Up to about 138 hours of recording on 500GB HDD (about 65 hours in case of DP mode), if you are in LP mode equivalent to DVD image quality, you can record up to about 277 hours.

Although it seems necessary to look fairly with high definition, it seems necessary to have a fairly fast CPU, but with the "transcode function" that can convert HDTV broadcasting to DVD image quality in real time, it reduces the load on the PC and watches terrestrial digital broadcasting on a wide range of personal computers Possible. About this function, it seems possible to check whether it can be used on the user's PC beforehand by the benchmark tool to be released on the Buffalo page.

Also, dubbing 10 is also planned, it is possible to move the program recorded on the PC to the DVD. The created DVD can be played on a commercially available DVD player or the like. If it is DT - H50 / PCI, it is also possible to move to Blu - ray Disc, and it seems that you can create Blu - ray Disc with high image quality of HDTV.

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