I went to Google's limited-time cafe "iGoogle Art Cafe"

Google is for a limited time period from April 12th to 24th, "opened in Roppongi Hills"IGoogle Art Cafe"I went to.

Currently conducted "Artist iGoogle"Cafe is a cafe that reproduces the concept of offline," Couleur de Google "," Mousse de Google "," Google Soda " It seems that a menu named after Google such as that is provided.

What exactly is it?

Details are as below.
This is "iGoogle Art Cafe". It is on the second floor of Hillside Roppongi Hills.

There is a menu at the entrance. The phrase "FREE Internet" written on the edge may be like Google.

This is what it's like inside the store. A wide range of people from salaried workers to housewives are visiting.

There are booklets on Google and iGoogle, such as how to use Google. .

It seems that you get original goods when you make a Google account.

A personal computer that you can use freely is placed.

There are goods etc of artists who are participating in iGoogle on the wall.


A total of 9 artists are participating.

Cooking limited meal "Couleur de Google" (cluule de google) arrived. I use vegetables abundantly.

From the left "Pilaf with plenty of vegetables" and "Basil sauce with salmon tailored smoked salmon salad" "Marinade with two color paprika and chicken breast".

And a fruit cocktail. Other coffee or tea comes with it.

Although it is a comment that I tried to eat actually, "vegetable plentiful pilaf" is really used in vegetables abundantly, and the taste of lush vegetables spreads in the mouth, so it may be where my taste breaks up. It might be tough for people who are not particularly good at okra or raw tomatoes.

And "The marinade of two-color paprika and chicken breast" was delicious because the bittersweet taste of paprika and chicken meat were delicious, and the salad tailoring of smoked salmon was exquisite with basil and onion and salmon harmony. "Cocktail fruit" is for people who want to enjoy the taste of fruits as they are. Perhaps those who had yoghurt sauce etc. could have enjoyed the change.

Overall there were many vegetables and it was a healthy diet food. Is not it good for those who started worrying about their belly in desk work?

Next, the pomegranate taste of dessert "Mousse de Google" and "Google Soda (Google Soda)" arrived. In addition, "Google Soda" also has grapefruit, litchi cocktail, melon cocktail.

This is "Mousse de Google (moose de google)". Green is pistachio, yellow is mango, red is tree strawberry, and blue is mousse of cassis. Next to the cup made of chocolate are raw mangoes and tree strawberries, cassis and pistachio.

Macaroon is used as the foundation.

Although I tried to eat it, it was a very strange taste, combined with a soft texture of mousse and a chewing gum like macaroon. Because the mousse is very fruity, it may be fun to try eating it with raw fruits.

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