Is it true that drinking coffee causes dehydration by diuretic action?

coffeeTocaffeine, The phenomenon that the toilet is close by this action, that is, "diuretic effect" occurs. As a result, more urine is discharged from the body than the amount drunk, nutrients also melt and flow, and it is dehydrated, so the more you drink coffee, the more thirsty you drink. So it is not good to drink coffee and there is a story that you can not stop thirst as much as you drink coffee .... Is it true?

The latest research results are as follows.
Coffee Makes You Dehydrated: Say What ?: DivineCaroline

According to a survey by Professor Lawrence E. Armstrong of exercise physiology at the University of Connecticut, by conducting a scientific investigation on the concept that drinks with caffeine take away body fluids from human bodies, It is concluded that although there is a gentle diuretic effect, a moderate caffeine consumption will not produce "liquid electrolyte imbalance abnormality" that will affect health.

Also, it seems that the amount of moisture in the body is constant even after drinking caffeined drinks. In other words, even if you drink coffee, the amount of water in your body does not decrease.

On the contrary, it is understood that by customarily drinking caffeinated drinks, it is found that there is a function to reduce 'liquid electrolyte imbalance'. In other words, the more regular the habit of ingesting caffeine, the more it seems that the human body is conditioned to maintain liquidity. In other words, it seems that consumption of moderate caffeine actually does not cause the body to get dehydrated and actually helps reach the necessary water intake every day.

Conclusion: Even if you drink coffee, you will not fall into dehydration symptoms, nutrients will not melt and flow out, properly hydrate possible

With this you can drink coffee with confidence ... ....

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