Today the month of the monthly "Windows Update" every month, 8 cases in total

Windows security updates and bug fixes that are updated monthly have been delivered. This month, there are 8 urgent emergencies and 3 matters of importance to total 5 cases. Remote code execution vulnerability has been resolved, so update it soon

Windows Update

Details are as follows.Security information for April 2008

MS08-018 Vulnerability in Microsoft Project could allow remote code execution (950183)

MS08-021 Vulnerability in GDI could allow remote code execution (948590)

MS08-022 Vulnerability in VBScript and JScript script engine could allow remote code execution (944338)

MS08-023 Security update for ActiveX Kill Bit (948881)

MS08-024 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (947864)

MS08-019 Vulnerability in Microsoft Visio could allow remote code execution (949032)

MS08 - 020 Vulnerability in DNS client spoofs (945553)

MS08-025 Vulnerability in Windows kernel elevates privilege (941693)

Next time will be available on Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 in Japan time.

Security information release schedule

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