Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications decided to make it easy to understand mobile phone billing plan

"A two-year contract is necessary to receive various discounts" "You can receive a certain amount of discounts according to purchased terminal when purchasing with installment sales" "Packet communication is fixed amount, but when full browser is used, Although it seems that it is hard to understand at first glance, such as the charge plan of mobile phones, it decided that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications should make it easier for users to understand.

It is good news for those who do not know the mobile phone company and rate plan that suits you.

Details are as below.
Inauguration ceremony to eliminate esoteric mobile fee system - MSN Sankei News

According to the report by Sankei Shimbun, according to the complication of the charge setting of each telecommunications carrier by cellular phone and Internet connection service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications talks about experts who discuss system construction etc. that can easily compare the services of each company It is said that they announced that they would set up a meeting.

In the case of a mobile phone as an example, in order to apply various discount plans offered by each company, long-term contracts and complicated application conditions are imposed, so that the service is suitable for the user It is based on what is hard to understand.

Specifically, we are planning to create unified rules that makes it easy to understand the services provided by each mobile phone company, and to examine the certification system of websites that can compare the services of each company, etc., so that if the telecommunications carrier goes bankrupt It seems to be discussing making rules for user protection. Please note that the report will be compiled in December.

I guess it will make it easier for mobile phone companies that are most suitable for me to choose.

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