Various cameras in the form of guns such as pistols and rifles

"Salton-Pickard Shooting Camera Mark III", which was used for shooting training in British Air Force during the First World War, which was exhibited at the exhibition corner of the Japan Camera Museum at Photo Imaging Expo 2008, a special magnesium flash bullet It is a photograph of a camera in the form of a gun such as a pistol type camera "Drew 2-16" that can shoot artificial light using.

Details are as below.
Explanation of "Salton-Pickard shooting camera mark Ⅲ" Plate

Muzzle is quite large

A big number above the trigger seems to be military

It is very heavy.

From the top it looks like only a real gun

Explanation of "Drew 2-16"

It seems to push the shutter with a trigger

It looks like a high-tech gun

Atmosphere that laser seems to come out from the front muzzle

It is a feeling that something attachment is attached to the muzzle when viewed from directly above

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