The German police dog will patrol with shoes in the future

It is rare to see the dog itself wearing clothes, and although dogs like to wear shoes are rarely seen, police dogs in Düsseldorf, Germany, will do surveys by wearing shoes to avoid injury It is said that. Although worrying about deterioration of maneuverability when wearing shoes, training seems to be done properly.

Details are as below.Newsvine - German Police Dogs to Wear Shoes

Police spokesperson said, "In the future the police dog will not soil the legs while patrolling.All police dogs will soon be equipped with blue plastic fiber shoes.20 German Shepherd and Belgian Shepards are currently trained to wear shoes and walk. "

Police dog equipped with shoes.

This shoe is not fashion, it is a thing that the police dog made with necessity because it is injured with a high probability during work. Especially it is dangerous that a beer bottle broke when it is famous for a bar and a drunkard and it is scattered in a cobblestone stone pavement.

It is around this spring spring that police dogs begin to wear shoes. It is a blue design that fits the uniform of the police officer.

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