A world map drawn with notes and symbols on the score and "Oji-sama"

It seems that anyone who thinks that arranging notes and symbols successfully on a wide musical score seems to be an illustration is about once, but it seems that there are people who really drew world maps or "uncle" with musical scores.

Details are as follows.
First of all, it is a world map. It seems to be selling as a huge poster as well.
MusicArt: The Art of James Plakovic

This is "a waltz with different dimension from my wife." late·Yamasaki AtsushiA character appearing in Mr. Manga, the uncle is in the lower right corner of the score.

It is thought that these original stories are considered to be John Stump's compositionFaerie's Aire and Death Waltz. It is a music that is difficult to actually play, there are funny jokes in it.

MIDI watching and the second movement's score are below.

"Death Waltz" became MIDI

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Mr. Yamazaki Atsushi the most beloved manga artist on the back side of rainbow

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