Cats Eye was arrested at last

From Osaka investigators Three samurai threats to the main characters' comics "Cats eyeIt seems that a woman triple that was called "arrested."

After all, did you place a dubious card on the crime scene, did you go to the crime wearing leotard?

Details are as below.
50 women nurses after sending children: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to this article, Osaka Prefectural Police Takaishi Police Station seems to have arrested three unemployed women on the 25th as he repeated the empty hound. Three of them are colleges of beauty vocational schools and insurance diplomats, they were called "cat's eye" among investigators.

Incidentally, there are children in all three, and during the period from February to October last year, while driving children to nursery schools and elementary schools break apart windshields such as middle school classmates 'homes and employees' It is said that the total number of damages equivalent to 10 million yen was repeated for 50 cases in total.

Total damage 10 million yen! Osaka's "CATS EYE" is available

And according to this article, both of us were receiving welfare protection, and motivation of the crime was to lose to pachinko and troubled with living expenses. The manga's "Cats and Eye" was a beautiful three-sized sister, but the investigator says "I do not look alike".

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