A movie that the "one wheel bike" that is likely to appear in the dragon ball actually runs

It is a movie and a picture which the one wheel motorcycle which Mr. Kerry McLean made is actually running. Line seems to run without any problems, but it seems to become slightly unstable when turning. Will one day be the day that one tire of a motorcycle comes one day?

The movie is from the following.
Model name: THE MCLEAN V8 MONOWHEEL. It is really cool.

Model name: V8 Rocket Roadster. Anyway it seems to be fast.

Current model. It seems that it is sold at about 8,500 dollars (about 910,000 yen).

I am on a very American feel.
YouTube - Mono wheel Bike

I am very concerned about the position of putting my feet. The one who lowered a little more ...
YouTube - McLean Monowheel

There is details of a one wheel bike on this site
Monowheels: Page 4

Click here for Kerry McLean's official page
Home of the amazing Rocket Roadster

I feel like I came out of the illustration of Dragon Ball, but it is a bit of a surprise that it really is such a one wheel bike running.

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