Headline news on February 20, 2008

Election of highly satisfactory products based on evaluations of reviews and reviews written on price .com "Price .com Product Award 2007"Was announced. Award winning products are decided in each of 97 categories, and five products have been selected as comprehensive product awards from personal computers, AV home appliances, household appliances, cameras and mobile phones. Products chosen as product awards are also interviewed by manufacturer makers and will be a reference for purchasing products that seem to be "good to buy" from now on.

So, tomorrowFebruary 21. In 901, Sugawara Mamo was released to Daisai Shosai and the Inquisition of Jeanne d'Arc started in 1431. In 1974 "Asae-san" came to the last round at Asahi Shimbun. In addition, besides being born in 1965, manga artist Eiji Nonaka known as "Sakigake !! Cromartie High School" who was awarded the 26th Kodansha Manga Award, and "Future Village Association" currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine, Masami Rider Agito "debut with Hikawa Seika, now an actor / essential actor active in various media was born in 1981.

Today's headline news.
Lightweight notebook "ONE" cuts off 1kg with actual sale of 20,000 yen | PC | My Computer Journal(Hardware will be announced at 'The Education Show' to be held on 28th)

Slashdot · Japan | Matsushita's 20-inch LCD TV problem(Hardware, safety valves operate to generate steam)

Apple is improving multi-touch technology - Operating with up to 4 fingers: News - CNET Japan(Patents may be easier to use)

Sorry! It is! Experience the Sanjiyuki newspaper website where the policy is correct but the operability is incomprehensible - Kiwa diary(Net, 1 article divided into several, and it is connected to 15)

How much can you do with XOX !? Website creation rate chart | Web correspondent Forum(500,000 yen by advertisement, simple site production)

Habechan(Internet service, browse comments on Hatena bookmarks like 2ch)

Verify the illusion on GIGAZINE - Boil boiled down(blog,This articleIt is easier to understand)

Ten advice from 'original blogger' to blog blogger | WIRED VISION(Blog, a comment from Jorn Barger who made the word "weblog")

2008-02-20 - Onodo Moto 's business diary (Anime not produced)(Net service, Parapara comic sharing service, the texture of the work introduced in the postscript is amazing)

Microsoft provides development tools to students for free: News - CNET Japan(IT, Microsoft is also doing my best)

Mobile phone 3 Characteristics of carrier seen from the difference of time zone with many accesses: Column - CNET Japan(Mobile, still the docomo share is still overwhelming)

Women cheering content "au one beauty" started at au one portal: mobile channel - CNET Japan(Mobile, support men properly)

Does the Internet age mean the range of products? (Tokyu Hands' mystery excessive assortment business essence): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Life, how to purchase products of Tokyu Hands)

Follow the Chinese piracy market size! (China "Manga" New Mankind): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Business and piracy market size is going to be tremendous)

Slashdot Japan - launching PET bottle rocket toward space(It is amazing to think that the universe, there is not such a crazy)

Programming starts at BBC UK, iTunes Store, price is 1.89 pounds: ITpro(Will TV and NHK someday become such feeling?

Ultra High Speed ​​Internet Satellite "KIZUNA" launched after February 23 - Completion of replacement gas jet tank problem: RBB TODAY (Broadband information site)(Universe, the launch that was postponed is decided)

Street fighter online mouse generation | Famitsu.com(Game, item charge for basic charge free)

Is this April Fool's? "Xbox 360 is short": ITpro(The game seems to be quite popular)

"Zero ~ Lunar eclipse mask ~" Reborn with Wii's unique function! / Famitsu.com(Game, "Horror full of" Zero "series is useless)

Mine breaking game bulletin @ Blade: 【Wii】 Smavra X is a rice cake that has been making until the panty's race properly(Game, a graphic with enthusiasm)

Presepe - screening decision in western Japan! Theater version "The boundary of the sky" Starting public on Teattle Umeda from March 8!(1000 yen more than animation, late show)

Distribution of special message from animation "Linebarrel of Iron" by Kana Ueda & Rie Kugimiya started(Movie, robot animation scheduled to be broadcasted from autumn)

"Ghost in the Shell 1.5" was renewed for release - Stray dogs(Manga, CD-ROM which was a previous set is gone, and instead a storyboard of PS version game and S.A.C. death scenario etc. are recorded)

Slashdot · Japan | Human level AI realized in 2029?(Technology, will it become a society that appears in fiction?)

Church calls for "30 days sex challenge" | Excite News(The church, thought it would be troublesome if compelled)

Pissing in the symbol of the country in Latvia, arresting British guy | Excite News(Overseas, British lost the fixed concept of a gentleman)

Horse ticket diary Okera cela: Race horse racing media to shrink "Horses" What does the holiday mean?(Horse racing, strict current circumstances surrounding horseracing with minor sports)

Horse racing salon ◇ Kaiba tea theory: Daitaku Helios!(Horse racing, Daitaku Helios still seeding in Hachinohe)

"Porsche designed" Swiss Army Knife "| WIRED VISION(Note, coating with rare metal of rare metal)

"Doubles the muscle" New drug "MYO-029" | WIRED VISION(Health, side effects of easily becoming injured)

2 trillion yen market idea products one after another (Tsukuba super flow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Health, metabolic products that attract many people's interests)

My Kyoto comprehension that came to Kyoto before Hatena(Work, Kyoto seen from Kanto graduates)

I want to remove the natto's sheet cleanly (trick) by eezo [cook pad] Easy delicious everyone's recipe is 300,000 items!(Food, this is a usable technique)

I do not know until I can not say! "Kojaku can" use "rice cooker" is a hit premonition!(Food, looks like konnyaku)

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