I tried to verify that the color of the illusion image is really the same color

Published on 18th February 2008Site introduction that can experience illusionRegarding the image of the top used in the image, there was no verification image, so it rushed inquiries that "the two rectangles are completely different!"

As far as I can see with the naked eye it looks completely different color, I can not believe it to be the same rectangle. So, I tried to make an image that verified whether it was really the same thing.

Validation is from the following. The original image is kore.

Separate them vertically.

It is fairly straightforward to come this far.

Coalescence. Because the same rectangle is in a rectangle.

Background from gradation to black.

Background from gradation to white.

So it is really quite the same rectangle. The color of the quadrilateral itself is also a gradation, so please be careful that it will not be the same color depending on where you extracted the color.

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