, "Great price cut ranking" starting with obvious items starting at a glance

"Price .com" understands price-cut items that had been done for a limited time in the past "Cheap! Great price cut rankings"Has become a permanent content because it is popular. Some of the rankings are price down more than 90%, so that you can quickly find good deals.

Details are as below.(PDF file)"Price .com" Start ranking "big price cut ranking" ranking products by the size of price cuts ~ Highly-priced products · buried bargains obviously ~

In the "big price cut ranking", top 30 products with big price cuts are introduced for each category of PC, home electronics, camera, sports, fashion · watch, beauty · health, car supplies, musical instruments, baby goods from the price. It will be. The displayed rankings are said to change in real time.

Although the displayed percentage is the rate which declined from the price published for the first time at price. Com, it is also possible to narrow down by the term "Recent 3 Months", "Recent 6 Months", "Recent 1 Year", and the period of each product You can also see the price cut trend.

Although the reputation may be better for products that have not dropped so much, it seems to be useful for finding a bargain.

Price .com - Cheap! Great price reduction ranking! It is!

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