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Price cum surveyedProducts and services that will draw attention this yearSo, the top of men seems to be "Blu-ray recorder" and the top of women "MacBook Air". HD DVD which was fighting with Blu-ray in the next-generation DVD competition is completely out of rank. Also, in game machines, Wii seems to be interesting that women are nearly twice as many as men and they are also looking for ways other than games such as "Wii Fit".

So, tomorrowFebruary 15. In 1981, the Japanese theater that supported the entertainment industry after the war was closed, and in 1995 Kevin Mitnick, the world's most famous computer hacker, was arrested by FBI. In addition, in addition to being born in 1564, Galileo Galilei who continued to argue the theory of the theory, besides being born in 1564, Shimpei Shirahira Known for ninja manga such as "Kamui" and "Sasuke", in 1932, Chihuahua with CM of consumer finance Shogo Shimizu of actor who became a topic co - starred was born in 1943.

Today's headline news.

Asahi.com: Anti / Valentine "Non Motite Boys" To Half Price - Komimi Pictures(Net service, rental server up to 15 days limited to half price)

Game * Spark -: Happy Valentine! "Dead Island" official website that can send a zombie electronic postcard(Memo, completely harassed)

404 Blog Not Found: God, the reader, helps the blogger to help himself - 3 tips to keep on blogging(Blog, comment on tips on creating high-value articles)

BLOG 15.NET: I am scared of becoming out of the neta - livedoor Blog (blog)(Blog, I do not think I will see blogs that are staring "no story")

Alpha blogger (Mogadoki) for talented people Tsenan - GIR's diary(Blog, how to become an alpha blogger quickly)

Can you really meet? The table and the back of "marriage site" (1/3) - ITmedia News(Special feature on full service of the actual state of net service, marriage information site)

Polar bear daily report> Do illegal downloads, knowledge have young people put out? : ITmedia Alternative · Blog(Net, starting with learning about copyright first)

On 2channels, what is the most likely plate for criminal reserve forces? : Alfalfa mosaic(2 ch, various depending on the board)

"First off, googwe".(2 ch, Google's fear)

Nikkei Venture online To President of Nippon: It is not a level to not be troubled if you do not train successors(There are many companies that can collapse with the death of business, founder)

MarkeZine: ◎ 【Report】 What are the similarities of the pages that plummeted due to the Yahoo! algorithm change in late January 2008?(Yahoo! category registration site has increased extremely in net service, search results)

Nico Nico News - Evolved from RC 2 to SP 1! Information on Niconico Video (SP 1) Presentation(Internet service, it will be amazing thing that passed through RC 2)

User movement. | CSS HappyLife(Usability, actually seeing the click rate such as all links, you will find an unexpected trend)

Before contracting overseas rental server: a ++ My RSS administrator blog(Server, detailed criteria on how to choose according to the criteria are quite helpful)

Asahi.com: Four people on intellectual handicapped "slave life" suits management, executives - society(Actual condition of startle that was worked endlessly in labor, cafeteria in Sapporo)

"JASRAC's Tyranny Collection" is "No Certificate of Truth" Order to Diamond Company - ITmedia News(Media, payment of 5.5 million yen because the content of the article is not proven to be true and there is no reason to believe that it is true)

J-CAST News: "Damage caused by monkeys is done" Blog is apologized for hotels at Shiga Kogen, criticism of Lie(Nezuka, leaving it unknown what actually happened)

Campaign to receive 'Fokusuke Plush Doll' when you recommend Firefox | PC | My Computer Journal(Software, introduce Firefox and take a picture OK)

Window Forever - 【NEWS】 Classic downloader "Irvine" has been updated for the first time in 3 and half years, corresponds to files of 2 GB or more(Software, split download function abolished)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - About 1 in 5 people, about 40% owners of Bluetooth equipment "I have never heard"(Hardware, no opportunity to use it at all)

I was interested and examined the marking: Alfalfa mosaic(Residents information attached to memos, posts, etc.)

Sony, double-cassette loaded CD cassette width 35 cm CD cassette(Music, I have not listened to music with cassette tape already)

Fujimoto Miki's new song will be released only on cassette tape(Entertainment, it is likely to be not the story, 1200 yen)

CNN.co.jp: Chinese authorities, Hollywood movie location restriction era setting problem?(Movie, occupation of Japan occupied era setting)

Game * Spark -: Xbox 360 failure rate is 16.4% guaranteed From the statistical result of the service company(It is presumed that the game, cause is on the motherboard)

Game * Spark -: Xbox 360 returning from repair, massive content falls into dysfunction and can not be resolved(Game, aircraft with different serial number will be returned)

Body suit for "Nintendo DS lite" made with snake leather - snake leather body suit: Yu: J-CAST mono watch(Game, a tremendously amicable atmosphere)

Slashdot · Japan | New gamer layer to the center of gamer population?(The game, the age group of gamers will be expanded)

Druaga's tower Open for pre-open beta test tester!(Game, pre-open beta test is carried out from February 29)

Tokyo Newspaper: Ultraman Holy Land not Returning "Monster Warehouse" in 45 Years: Society (TOKYO Web)(Special effects, costume warehouse in Setagaya Ward was closed)

REVOLTECH EXPRESS: Launch of One Faces Guide Book(Figure, guidebook also tickets)

"Electric brain superalloy tachikoma" days (1/2) - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(Hobby, it is very fine and it is good and reproducibility is quite high)

Live as an animator(Recommended because animation and pretty naked realities of animation industry are written)

NOTEBOOK: JAniCA by s - kon - KON'S TONE(The story of animation and budget is quite funny)

Hawks born from / / Advanced desk emptiness is inferior to childish behavioral power "Real Onigago"(Criticism seems to have succeeded in subliming the original in a good condition)

Erotic books bought at Yahoo auction arrived wwwwwwwwwwwwwww w: VIPPER I(Misery, exactly the way)

CNN.co.jp: illegal sale such as bones of Sumatran tiger, publicly NGO warning warning(Environment, the current population of Sumatran tiger is 400 or less)

Saturn's satellites "Titan" and "oil" reserves of reserves exceed the Earth - Technobahn(Resources, should I go get it within 40 years?)

Asahi.com: Capricious exercise 'do rather fat' - Science(Diet, scared after dieting halfway)

MarkeZine: ◎ Dentsu In the third quarter of 2007, sales of net-mobile advertisements were 6,390 million yen(Advertisement, newspapers / magazines / TV / radio decreased compared to the same period of the previous year)

"Kojien" All 230,000 words posters? Unique advertisement at Shibuya station - Shibuya economic newspaper(Advertisement, it looks like a pattern, but every word)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: The posters of the station are all the names of the station managers(Railroad, the station manager is busy)

Parenting Childbirth Browsing @ 2ch Soy sauce as the first machine(Life, it looks fun)

Really how to shorten sleeping time - knock!(It seems that there are times when you can sleep soundly in a short time by making a living, earplug and eye mask)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Hokka Hokkatei "1,000 stores to" relieved more "(Food and abbreviations are outrageous)

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