Google is Microsoft's Yahoo! Represent the opposite position against the acquisition proposal

Microsoft is Yahoo! We made a proposal to buy about 4.7 trillion yen against the market, which is making a big fuss, but Google announced its opinion. Apparently the proposal seems to be "opposite". Certainly Microsoft will undoubtedly have hostility against Google even in the press release in this case, so it's natural that the reaction of Google this time is also natural.

Details are as below.
Yahoo! and the future of the internet

The Japanese translation is below.

MS's Yahoo! Acquisition Proposal Google Official Views - ITmedia News

According to this statement, the openness on the Internet is Microsoft's Yahoo! It seems that he feels worried that it will be lost by the acquisition. But, thinking carefully, Google is not as open as it seems to be open, so I feel like I can not tell people ....

Also, are not we doing methods like violation of antitrust laws that Microsoft has done in the past with e-mail, instant messenger, various kinds of net service? I am doing. From this also, as Google seems to be wary of the move of this time more than I imagined, if Microsoft and Yahoo! It seems almost definitely to give the world the impact beyond imagination if it merges.

In addition, Yahoo! in the whirlpool! As for the news like the following also flows.

Yahoo,GoogleConsider a tie-up with affiliates = Relevant sources | Reuters

What is going to happen ...?

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