Maradona apologizes for that "God's hand goal"

According to British popular paper Sun, in the quarterfinals of the 1986 FIFA World Cup Mexico tournament, on "hand God of God" with left hand in battle against EnglandDiego MaradonaHe said that he said words like an apology. Regarding this goal already in 2005, Maradona himself on the local Argentinian television program said that "that goal was a hand" remarks.

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Maradona did not apologize for "hands of God" so far, and after the game of 1986, he had a crowd saying "Goal is thanks to Maradona's head and God's hand." England 's goalkeeper who was the match partner,Peter Shilton"Maradona never apologized, I recently commented that his behavior was not a sportsman and should have been honestly white without saying" the hands of God "etc .."

In response to Sun's news, Maradona apologizes for that goal, "If you can go back to the past and apologize if you can apologize." "But the goal was the goal, Argentina became the best in the world, and I also became the best player, I can not change history, the only thing I can do is to go ahead."

This is the famous "God's hand goal".
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Although it is rarely told compared to "the hand of the hand of God", after having scored points with "the goal of God", Maradona received four balls in the vicinity of the centerline and four English players, within the penalty area I have also achieved five people without going to goal with goalkeeper Shilton.
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