With the resurrection of the murderer Freddie Kruger in the dream, a nightmare into Elm Street again?

"Nightmare on Elm Street"Is a pretty famous horror movie released in 1984. It is a murderer who puts a long iron nail on the right hand called Freddie Krueger. To date, nine films including Freddy's films have been made, of which nine stories are completed with the sixth work "1991 Nightmare The Final Nightmare of Elm Street" in 1991, the two later are extra editions It has become a spin-off. However, it seems that a new "Elm Street Nightmare" that is based on Freddie may be produced this time.

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Freddy Krueger is coming back! Nightmare On Elm Street To Be Remade: YourMovieStuff.com

Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, Andrew · Form et alTexas · Chainsaw"Production staff andNew Line CinemaIs currently trying to restart "Nightmare on Elm Street" again.

Freddie Krueger, the protagonist of "Nightmare on Elm Street", is popular enough to appear in a total of nine movies and two television series, "Lord of the RingIt seems that it was the earnings head of New Line cinema until it was released.

Early FreddieWes CravenIt was described as a cold-hearted murderer by the director, but since the other director drew on a series of awkward characters in the later series, the seventh work has once again revealed that the director of Craven returned to a cruel character . It seems that this time it will be based on the first work of 1984, so it seems to be able to see Freddie as a ruthless unmatched murderer.

Incidentally,Michael BayIn addition to this, "Friday the 13thIt seems that he plans to produce a movie with Jason as the main character and this will be cranked in May.

The official website of "Nightmare on Elm Street" is below.

A Nightmare on Elm Street | Official Movie Site

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