Tamago and tuna potato were topped with "Sasaki's Mr. Honnie's bread" Tasting review

I bought a little unusual name bread called "Sasaki's honno's bread" at a convenience store so I bought it. This is a drama that is being broadcast from Sunday night at 21 o'clock in the TBS seriesSasaki and his husband's battle without honorIt seems that the drama is a constant story of a couple genka, but it seems that breakfast was baked in a heart shape to be able to eat as good as breakfast.

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Yamazaki made bread | Sasaki and his husband's bread

Raw materials etc.

One 255 kcal.

Love carrying fortune was attached.

It seems that they can approach effectively.

It has been crushed for a while, but a heart shaped bread. Eggs on the left side and tuna potato on the right side are topped.

The egg looks a lot like yellow in the appearance, but when you eat it was white. A somewhat softer one was easier to eat like a sandwich egg, so I want you to improve a bit. Tuna potato has a strong taste, but food is heavy, but it may be heavy for breakfast.

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