"Wayback Machine" which stores 85 million websites since 1996

Just put the URL of the website you would like to see, you can see about 85 billion websites archived since 1996. The homepage of 1996, which I had twelve years ago, seems very lonely, but will the site I am currently seeing feel lonely in 10 years?

Details are as below.
Usage is very easy. Just put the desired URL in the search window at the top of the page.
Wayback Machine

When you enter the URL, search results like this. By the way, if you enter "http: /www.mcdonalds.com/", 1243 as well.

The operation source is "Internet ArchiveIts purpose is to "preserve the knowledge and heritage of mankind and release the collection".

So I tried to search some famous places.

McDonald 's homepage in 1996. Very simple.
McDonald's Splash

Current McDonald's

New York Times in 1996. The amount of information is small.
The New York Times on the Web

Current New York Times.

Pepsi in 1996. It is relatively flashy.
Welcome to Pepsi World

Current Pepsi

1996 Coca-Cola
Welcome to Coca-Cola. Want more? Click the image.

Current Coca Cola. Basically it is simple.

Since Wayback Machine automatically archives, let's ask the person who does not like it to delete.
Internet Archive Contacts

in short

User-agent: ia_archiver
Disallow: /

Just put the robots.txt described under the domain of the site. This will destroy all the archives collected in the past and will not be saved in the Wayback Machine in the future. If robots.txt can not be placed, it seems to deal with [email protected] by sending a delete request mail.

2008/01/28 10:50 amendment
The number of digits in the title was incorrect, so I fixed it.

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