Nutrition drink-like paper pack drink "Vita Fighter Plus" tasting review

I bought a paper pack drink with an image of a nutritional drink printed on the package at Circle K Sunkus so I bought it for half an interest. The package contains various nutritional elements contained in it, but what kind of taste is it?

Details are as below. Vitamin seems to be included considerably.

One vitamin is like this.

The contents are yellow and transparent nutrition drink color.

When opening the pack, a strong sour smell drifts around, but the taste is unexpectedly thinner. There are a bit of bitterness like a nutritional drink, but basically it tastes like cheap ramune candy. Because it is a price that you can easily buy as 105 yen per book, I recommend it to those who like unusual drinks and junk taste. The pack looks small, but since it contains 500 ml the quantitative satisfaction is high.

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