Headline news on January 25, 2008

Nippon Milk Community Co., Ltd., known for "Megumilk Milk" and "Everyday Everyday"Presentation of recommended retail price revision of city milk products (PDF)Did. As a result of the example, the main cause is due to soaring crude oil prices, 34 items are renewed sequentially from March and released at new prices, 138 items are existing items to be priced from April 1. Main target products are raised from 5 yen to 10 yen. Because the expiration date of milk etc. is short, it can not be bought before price revision, but other foods may be bought together because there are places where price revisions are done at the same time at the same time.

So, next MondayJanuary 28. "Kojiki" completed in 712 was presented to Emperor Motonemi, and in 1998 Morning Musume. Debuted major with "single morning coffee". In 2006, JR East started mobile Suica service. In addition to being born in 1941, a cartoonist Kawasaki Ubu with his masterpiece "Giants' Star" is also known as a voice actor Shiozawa, who is known for the role of Ma · Kube of "Mobile Suit Gundam" and role of "The Fist of Hokuto" A human being was born in 1954, a manga artist called "Silent Mobius" as a masterpiece was born in 1963.

Today's headline news.
YouTube expands service for mobile phones at once(Mobile, Japanese version not provided)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - Watch out for battery exhaustion? ~ 30% set display illumination time of mobile phone short(Mobile, only 7.7% lighting up longer)

Mixi, attract attention to e-mails and similar sites that fool the mixi administration secretariat(Note the net service, "Mixi" or "mixii")

Kadokawa develops new business on YouTube and creates creators(Net service, receiving the results of the demonstration experiment of Google's video recognition technology)

Asahi.com: epidemic virus also created graduate student of arrest, function of personal information leakage - society(Not only memos, subspecies but also the original Harada virus writer)

Mitsubishi Electric releases "Strong Demi" paper-pack vacuum cleaner with high suction power(Hardware, a vacuum cleaner that suction power hardly drops even if dust accumulates in a paper pack)

10 new technologies under development at IBM's Innovation Lab (1/2) - ITmedia Enterprise(Notes, translation technology for global companies with employees from different countries etc.)

Yahoo!, Negotiating with Labels for MP3 Services - ITmedia News(Internet services, services such as getting song files instead of viewing ads as well)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: iPod touch Check "8 New Features" (1/5)(Introduction of new features such as memos and Google Maps)

Distributing 19.5 million condoms free - Social news: nikkansports.com(Memo, the highest number ever distributed according to Rio's carnival)

News Super fast breaking news! Sankei Shimbun "When I see the human rights advocacy bill again, there are too many problems, speech activity is restricted and red flags are against it"(Punishment is decided by judgment of law, human rights commission)

All pension record specifications desperately - Social news nikkansports.com(Pension, about 60,000 owners can not be identified)

Microsoft Announces New Price System for Japanese Version of "Microsoft Windows Server 2008"(Software, early introduction campaign can be bought a little cheap until the end of September 2008)

Japan.internet.com Web finance - Microsoft is again on top with record sales(Business, more than 2 billion dollars above record)

Rumor that Slashdot Japan AMD will be acquired by IBM(Business, rumors raise AMD stock price by 8%)

"Unfairly dismissed due to request for smoke-free" non-smoking man, the first time in the country after enforcement of the lawsuit promotion laws of Takigawa(Work, a workplace where you can not work if you can not smoke)

SE "Overtime payment" → IBM "15% pay cut off paying" Alfalfa mosaic(I assert that work, union representative is a retaliation of the lawsuit in 2006)

Denon, front surround system for flat screen TV(Hardware, speaker that can reproduce 5.1 ch surround with one unit)

J-CAST news India 280,000 yen Impact of car Car competition for low-priced cars spreading to the world(Automobiles, Toyota and Nissan also developed low cost cars)

Kobe newspaper | Society | Sanyo Shinkansen "0 series" To retire Generation change and strengthen business(For railway and Sanyo Shinkansen, make 500 series 8-car formation and operate as "Kodama")

Asahi.com: Antarctic ice, melt pace Accelerated 1.75 times 10 years ago - Science(Analysis from environment, pace of disappearance of ice sheets)

Late · Ishinomori certified as Guinness ... Most comic books publishing record: society: sports broadcast(Memo, large collection of 128,000 pages)

Painful news (No ∀ `): Notification of an assistant recruitment from Mr. Nobuyuki Fukumoto of" Kaiji "Age / experience unquestioned(Manga, only men wanted)

New song "Valentine" can also be watched "" Idol Master Live For You! "New Song Presentation Live For Press" Movie Report Large! - Famitsu.com(Game, movie in the state of new song announcement)

At the Shokotan Produce "Utaku no Kai" finally comes to a limited mobile anime ~ "SKashikashi Panman": RBB TODAY(Anime, there is also a proper opening)

Moroboshi Dan that Morishige Akitsugu releases CD album Excite news(Music, singing his own half life in order of songs)

Reason why the former · famous bureaucratic in China "Reprimand" Chinese people rebounded "The common people are renting houses" (Yutaka Kitamura's "China Kitamura Report"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Overseas, what kind of honesty)

"The security in the south of Osaka Prefecture is bad" Kyoto Prefectural University faculty will send a document to the high school(Send a document saying that criminal cases are frequent and bad reputation is high in the vicinity of rival schools)

Postal delivery in Poland, late than a snail, "demonstration" Excite News(Overseas, it takes more than 10 days to deliver express mail)

Canadian television station, what will happen if women disappear from town Experimental news(Overseas, leaving men and children and sending female residents to the resort for one week)

It turned out that Sunday evenings I could not sleep well. [Orbium - Sora noodama](Health, I do not want to finish Sunday from feelings)

Everyone's news: "Mega as much" and women as perrier? Double Wendy to sell - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Reduction of meat from meat by 1 meat)

Jelly fly appeared in school lunch Elementary and junior high school in Gyoda(Food, specialties using potatoes and okara)

Eat Ramen Drops and Raw Beer Drops (WEB Yuruba)(Food, produced by Tourism Association of Yokohama)

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