Life type noodles have longevity and taste "rich moromi curry udon" taste review

As for the taste of udon, a reputable longevity came from January 14th, so we released "Rich Moromi Curry Udon", so I bought it by searching at a convenience store. Longevity regularityKakiedd Udon "Bullet"The udon's perfection degree is very high, but it seems that its impressive impression will not wipe out. How is this curry udon?

Details are as follows.
Lifestyle and Food Items: New Arrival Information: Rich Moromi Curry Udon

Raw materials etc.

Raw type noodles, soup noodles, quickly.

First of all just put the noodles, pour hot water, disentangle and throw away the hot water.

You can quickly get the soup's bones.

Pour water again and stir and wait for about 1 minute.


Noodles are crispy and texture without complaint. Soup with subtle spicy and sweet taste feel good. When you make it, you must be careful to stir quickly after putting soup ingredients and pouring hot water. If left unattended here, the powder becomes solid and solidifies, and it will not melt after it. If you do not fail even here it will be pretty delicious udon.

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