Environmental protection group Greenpeace refuses cooperation with Sea Shepherd of the same environmental protection group

The Japanese whaling research institute conducts a whaling survey in the Antarctic Ocean, but it is often the environmental protection organization opposing whaling that is trying to interfere with the survey ship "Sea Shepherd". The obstructive behavior seems to have been thrown away to the survey ship, and the activists stepped into the ship, and it was quite radical that the Australian government officials ordered the ocean to leave. For that reason, I lost sight of the Japanese fleet, so I also asked the environmental protection organization "Greenpeace"When asked to teach the location of the survey ship, the Greenpeace side says he refused information provision.

Details are as follows.
Two sea shepherd activists invaded Japanese survey ship · 2nd Yushin Shimaru on January 15th. At this time,Butyric acidWe threw away the activists in the office because throwing the deadliable thing into the ship and sabotage the rope to try to get involved in the screw propeller.

An activist was taken over by Sea Shepherd on January 18th, but at that time Australian government officials told Sea Shepherd to move out of the waters. For this reason, Sea Shepherd will lose sight of the position of the Japanese fleet. At this time, Greenpeace also tracked the whaling mother ship Nisshin Maru of the Japanese fleet with a ship called Esperanza, but he seems to refuse to convey this position information to Sea Shepherd.

A Greenpeace spokesperson said, "The primary purpose of Greenpeace is to stop whaling, whale meat needs to be processed quickly, so whaling activities can not be done without a whaling mother ship equipped with a processing factory. Although it is not flashy, it is raising the effect. " He also stated that Greenpeace will not cooperate because Sea Shepherd is conducting violent protests.

On the other hand, Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd criticizes, "Greenpeace needs images to kill whales, which is costing a lot more advertising than actual protests."

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Although it is unknown whether it is related to this, there is also an incident in which the official site of Sea Shepherd is hacked and a picture on which cattle and pig are dismantled is posted.

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