MySQL was bought for SUN for 1 billion dollars

Speaking of MySQL,MixiYaRakuten, Amazon and others are open source databases used to provide net services, but it was acquired. It seems to be true if you think what a joke. If it says one billion dollars, it is about 109.6 billion yen in Japanese yen. We acquired Sun Microsystems, which is famous for Java.

Details are as below.
Sun to Acquire MySQL for $ 1 Billion -

It has already been reported on Sun and MySQL blogs.

Sun to aquire MYSQL: Solar Flare

Jonathan Schwartz's Blog: Helping Dolphins Fly

Sun acquires MySQL

This seems to increase the share of MySQL in the enterprise field more. Also in the genre where only commercial databases have been included in choice, MySQL will be advanced and ultimately including such systems as "LAMP" (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) I would like to go to.

The provision of MySQL itself seems to be done as before, but what kind of change will actually happen?

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