Mr. Donut 's "Puffling" and "Denish Ring" Tasting Review

From January 9th, the newly released Mr. Donut "Puff ring" has a triangle with a hole in the center of the donut. And it seems that it has become a new texture with a pleasant texture and a new texture different from the previous donuts. When I went to the store to buy it, I found a new item called Denish Ring so I bought it together.

Review from below.
Since the number was increased, it became a big package called 3 boxes + paper bag.

The donuts are rowed together and spectacular.

Here are 4 kinds of puff ring. Upper left: Angel puff, upper right: puff ring, lower left: brown sugar puff, lower right: choco puff.

And here are three types of Danish. Upper left: Choco Denish, upper right: Sugar Denish, Bottom: Denish ring. Since there was no information on the site, I contacted Mr. Donuts and it seems that it is a product under test sale only at some stores.

Seven in all.

Puffing is a puffy texture, fluffy and rich in sweetness, it is delicious. I feel more weight than I thought. The brown sugar puff does not sticky, it is refreshing sweetness. Chocolate puff matches chocolate's bitter taste sweet fabric. Cream is sandwiched between Angel puffs, strawberries are light accent.

Danish ring is too sweet and solid. The texture is very good, so I wanted to suppress the sweetness a bit more. Sugar Denish seems to be almond chocolate, but it feels like a crisp texture, but it feels like coffee or caramel. Chocolate Denish has a sweeter chocolate than what is used in puffs, and it delivers a different taste than Danish, which has been kneaded with commercially available chocolate. It is a solid buttery flavor overall.

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