Am / pm made with public offering ideas "Club Menu with You" Tasting Review

Am / pm from January 15 newly launched products are "Soy Milk Kimchi Ramen", "Pork Hair Groo Tofu Bowl" and "Tadoka Mugi no Tomato Curry" in "Club Menu with You". This is a product that gathered ideas and gathered by public offering, it seems to be the concept of a health menu that I want to eat in winter.

Review from below.
(PDF file)Customer is a developer! Idea menu publicly offered in September, it is finally released!
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Soy milk kimchi ramen on the left, swine salt mako tofu dumpling on the right. I did not sell tomato curry of poultry mushrooms.

Soy milk kimchi ramen won first prize.

Warm up after 3 minutes 45 seconds.

Excellent prize pork salt hemp tofu don.

I just chinned.

Completed through rice.

Pork sweetheart woven tofu donburi is superb with rice while watching it. Chopsticks advance steadily with help of thick taste. This seems to be a mother's idea menu with three daughters, but this taste seems to like children as well. I would like to try making it at home. Meanwhile, the best award-winning soymilk kimchi ramen is a menu inspired by hot pot dishes. Soy milk seems to have imagined the tightening ramen of the Kimchi pot, and the vegetables that became vivid are like pots. The taste is similar, but it looked pretty good for the body.

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