Taste meal "Mega cheese curry" Sukiya which roughly doubled the rice and 1.5 times the rice

I heard that Suki house is releasing the second mega cheese curd "Mega cheese curry" secretly from January 14th, so I went to a house that was rushing and bought it. I bought five, but first I was surprised at the weight at the time of carrying.

Review from below.
Mega cheese curry - Sukiya

Five pieces of mega cheese curry.

It took time to carry, so once the cheese melted completely, it cakes again.

It weighs as much as 750 g. Calories are 1301 kcal.

Ru is twice as large as rice growing, rice is 1.5 times. Rou has quite a lot of ingredients, especially vegetables are inconspicuous but meat is sticky. Because the eating out curry has many cases where there are not much meat, the amount of this meat is impressed. I did not have time to eat breakfast on this day and my stomach was in a state of stubbornness, but this one cup filled me full. If only quantity, you can make a lot of people who made it yourself, but it might be nice to be able to eat this amount outside.

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