High resolution image that you can understand world's thinnest new notebook "MacBook Air"

Apple said earlierMacBook AirWe announced a new model which is so insanely thin and petty, but let's see what kind of feeling it is actually, as soon as I got a high-resolution image.

Details are as below.
Apple - MacBook Air

It is almost like this

When opening the lid and turning the front, it becomes like this

How thin is this about how thin this

By the way, at the venue Steve Jobs himself brought and showed off

Appeal that it is as thin as entering an envelope. It does not seem to mean that it actually comes into an envelope and arrives.

Jobs to take out from the envelope and show it like being so petty.

Jobs is high in height and hands are big, so it is a terrible trap that you look small when you look at it.

The actual purchase reservation is from the following.

The Apple Store (Japan) - MacBook Air

To the extent of reference, if it is 80GB HDD model at 1.6GHz, 229,800 yen. If it is SSD model of 64 GB at 1.8 GHz, 388,400 yen.

Furthermore, using the school discount, the HDD model of 80 GB at 1.6 GHz was 218 7800 yen, the SSD model of 64 GB at 1.8 GHz was 363 390 yen. It seems to be a little cheaper.

2008/01/16 6:44 Addendum
According to the story from GIGAZINE reader, it seems that "Mezamashi TV" that we showed off at the fastest for some reason somehow also at the time of previous iPod touch announcement this time also did it. The situation at that time is summarized in the following site.

MacBook Air is the world's first TV show at Mezamashi TV at EBINAVI

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