Brown product design of the 1960s looks exactly like current Apple products

Jonathan Ive, who leads the design department of Apple, has produced innovative and stylish product designs such as iMac and iPod. However, Brown's products designed by Dieter Lam in the 1950s and 1960s seem to have somewhat similar appearance.

Details are as below.The Future Of Apple Is In 1960s Braun 1960s Braun Products Hold the Secrets to Apple's Future

The left is Brown's radio T1000 and the right is Power Mac G5.

Brown's TV and the latest iMac 24 inches.

Brown 's Pocket Radio T3 and iPod.

Sound system L60 and iPod Hi-Fi.

Speaker LE 1 and Apple's iMac. As expected, I have a feeling of forcing you around here.

I do not really know whether Jonathan Ive is influenced by Dieter Lambs or just by accident but the possibility of appearance of similar designs in the future seems not to be low .

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