An oasis of Peru that is likely to appear in novels and movies "Huacachina"

Oasis in Peru, South America "Huacachina"is. Feeling that it seems that it exists in the sand desert and is likely to appear in novels and movies. In addition, it seems that there are pool, desert sand board and sand buggy tour in this oasis and it is also a resort area.

Details are as below.
However, it seems that the water level is decreasing year by year and it is on the verge of extinction. People who would definitely want to visit there earlier.

A movie of Huacachina. Starting from the state of the town like the church, we can see the whole town around 2 minutes.
YouTube - LUCHA REYES Iglesia del Señor de Luren y la Huacachina

Sand buggy tours and sandboarding movies. It seems quite interesting.
YouTube - Sandboard and Buggy Huacachina, Peru

Looking at it from the top like this. The pool is also visible.

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Last gasp for the Lourdes of the Americas | the Daily Mail

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