Headline news on January 8, 2008

Drink that collaborated with Lotte's "cool mint gum"Cool mint ciderSuntory who gave out "Lolte's candy" Komi "collaborated with"KomesodaIt seems to give out. The planned release date is February 5, 2008 (Tuesday) and the taste is pursuing the taste and aroma of plum meat which is the feature of "Komizu" using Kishu made plum. "Cool mint cider" was a highly reproducible taste so I would like to wait for expectations this time as well.

So, tomorrowJanuary 9. In 1867 Emperor Meiji throne, in 1891 Kanzo Uchimura was dismissed instead of worshiping the edict of the education occurred, the Defense Agency was promoted to Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Defense was launched. Also, besides being born in 1624, Emperor Megumi of the 109th Emperor was born in 1974, Maki Okamoto debut with the single "TOMORROW", Napoleon III of France died in 1873.

Today's headline news.
The world's first "iPhone virus" appears: ITpro(Security, speed of virus development is awful)

The identity of 'I will find someone I like you' is Adware - ITmedia News(Security, install it as it is called to find a person who has a romance in myself)

Google Apply for Technology Patents Recognizing and Using Text in Images: Marketing - CNET Japan(Technology, it seems that it can be used quite interestingly)

Ad Innovator: Net advertisement exceeds advertisements in 2008 in Sweden, 2009 in the UK(Advertising, UK net advertising growth is 30% as well)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - Over 30% of users search for words on mobile phones by looking at advertisements(Mobile, current mainstream QR code)

2008 International CES: Morotola announces "ROKR E 8" music cellular phone with wheel - ITmedia News(Mobile, change from mobile phone to music player with one touch)

Webicon that generates Favicon - Web Design Clip(It easily generates net service, 16 pixel × 16 pixel Favicon)

Nico point RC(Net service, realizing presentation with Nikoniko's system)

12GB Class 4 microSDHC card from SanDisk - Engadget Japanese(Hardware, halfway 12 GB rather than 16 GB)

2008 International CES: Magellan, real-time connected car navigation to Google Local Search - ITmedia News(You can find the nearest store while you are traveling using hardware, Google Local Search)

2008 International CES: AMD Announces "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3000" Series - ITmedia News(Hardware, Microsoft DirectX 10.1 compatible)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - PC industry's largest disliked person(Business, ASUS AS I hate Microsoft)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Mr. Gates, "Really" The Last CES Keynote Lecture (1/2)(Technology, stated to retire from the front line during the year)

King software, a leading software maker in China, partnered with Microsoft: ITpro(Software, King's Software bundles Microsoft's "Windows Live Messenger" to software provided by OEM)

2008 International CES: Warner's decision to "unify BD", boosted by economic downturn - ITmedia News(Due to concerns about slowdown of the US economy and loss of sales in the DVD industry)

Ikeda Nobuo blog Toshiba's opportunity(Technology, surely I will wait for a bit more and the next generation DVD seems to come out)

Sony BMG to offer MP3 songs - ITmedia News(Copyright, finally 4 large label abolish DRM)

Digital Digit software standard installed in Vista Japan exclusive specification - ITmedia News(Scheduled to be installed in software and media center)

Wikia Announces Open Source Search Engine "Wikia Search" - ITmedia News(Search, anyone can create a search engine dedicated to himself)

Thousands of people attention of soldiers' blog 90 years ago - ITmedia News(Blog, a letter addressed to a family by one British soldier fighting at the forefront of World War I)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - 16% of prospect buying bags for 2008 will be purchased at "Internet shop"(Net, convenient for people who want to buy multiple lucky bags)

Will the receipt pass? I bought a lucky bag that I sold in Akiba! '08 (Toys & Miscellaneous)(Shopping, the Melancholy of Haruhi Lucky Bag)

Why can you sell lucky bags 2008-01-04 - Air camp(In shopping, becoming a story of the story)

Asahi.com: "Airborne Songs" on Air Why Why "Everlasting" this year? - Publication News - BOOK(Music, the effect of the "Carefully Popular Song List" list disappeared in 1987)

Painful news (No ∀ `): The sound has improved well after changing the power cord(It may be different if you try music, occasionistic)

Appeared on Leah Dizon "Dragon Ball" Starring! Reflected with tears of red and white rehearsal! : Film News - eiga.com if you are a movie(It seems that he refused entertainment, who was the role?)

In 2007, "the most earned star" is Johnny Depp! Entertainment My Computer Journal(Entertainment, Matt Damon enters the top 10 for the first time)

Sports Navi | Hakone Ekiden 84th (2008) | Mr. Aoba, Chairman of the Kanto University Association "Responsibility for abstention is in the supervision" (1/2) 84th Hakone Ekiden General Conference Summary(Sports, problems are not only in the physical condition management of players but also in the director)

Ren renamed "TSUYOSHI" to "Nishioka": Professional Baseball: Baseball: Sports Bulletin(Sports, eventually "TSUYOSHI" was only one year)

F speed VIP (· ω ·) y - ~ Was it suddenly appeared on television appearances suddenly っ ち ゃ ん ナ ン チ ャ ン?(TV, rumors are true, truth is a mystery)

GameSpark - Xbox caused an argument "try to shoot yourself with a gun" and my son → his father shot seriously and a serious injury(Memo, did the father shoot?)

Rakuten Books All items received, possible at Circle K Sunkus ~ Starting on February 1st: RBB TODAY(Shopping, shipping fee and settlement fee are free)

Ubiquitous street corner: ISBN(Summary of books, composition of ISBN numbers and acquisition methods)

Above the Great Flames: Pervert Hentai Going Back Mr. Inari revived for 15 years(Posted in manga, jump square February issue)

Eat 'Mystery'! "Magic detective brain chewy Neuro Neuro and Yako's gastronomy and mystery with delicious food" - Famitsu.com(Game, genre is adventure once)

Real Takeko released 6980 yen from February - Ameba News [Ameba News](Toys, control with remote control)

"Mobile Suit Gundam 00" New Gundam and Pilot Announcement(Anime, is it useless to become full of Gundam when thinking about toys?)

Research, education, remembrance and prospects: 2008 was "Doraemon" year when the time machine was invented(Memo, is it such an era already?)

ぁ ゃ ι ぃ (* ゜ ー °) NEWS 2nd Hey boys - what are you talking about?(Story, this is good)

CNN.co.jp: China to launch the third spacecraft The first spacewalk(Space, we plan to launch 15 rockets and 17 satellites this year)

Natalie - Hideyuki Mukai "MATSURI Ramen" wanted a commercialization company(Food, musician Mr. Hideyuki Mukai's company wanting to commercialize handmade ramen)

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