Antique-style wooden personal computer feels warmth of trees

It is a wooden desktop personal computer made by custom made. Of course you can actually use it.

Because it is an antique style design that could be used as a room interior, it might be perfect for people who are having trouble with the place of the PC.

Details are as follows.
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This is the main body. The pattern of the top board is stylish.

I'm glad that the front connectors are equipped with USB connectors.

A pattern is also drawn on the side.

There is also an exhaust port properly, heat measures are also perfect.

LCD Monitor. It looks like a picture frame.

And keyboard. Chic design.

mouse. It is designed to make craftsmanship feel.

By the way, this is a personal computer that Russian workshop made in custom made, it is actually a moving personal computer, according to the following link it seems that wooden home appliances etc are handmade.

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