A Californian man successfully succeeds in projecting garbage for one year

Ari Derfel, who lives in Berkeley, took up the challenge of trying to keep all the garbage that he puts out for a year, starting with the topic of garbage when he had dinner with his friend at home in October 2006 It began with the moon, it seems that it was achieved with 99.9% accuracy.

Pictures of collected garbage are from the following.Save Your Trash

Three rules Ari set up. The first thing is to store all garbage you got directly, including those outside your home, except for toilet paper. Second, keep all recyclable garbage. And the third is to make organic matter such as garbage as fertilizer. Therefore, I heard that garbage when I went to Hawaii for about two weeks was taken in a suitcase and brought back.

This is a photograph of garbage that is stored.
It's No Garbage Strike - Man Keeps a Year's Worth of Trash

Ultimately most of the garbage is packaged goods of processed food, about 120 quarts (about 113 liters) of fertilizer made from garbage that is full of queen size beds and raw garbage is to be issued. It was said that the inside of the house did not get stinky because garbage was made into fertilizer.

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