Headline news on December 25, 2007

Internet com and goo research conducted "Survey on how to spend year-end and new yearAccording to the survey, users who use the Internet while away from the year-end and new year holidays are about 15% of the total. In the first place, 37.86% of those who go out during the year-end and New Year holidays, so it seems that there are no plans for less than half people to use the net outside. Also, among the people who said that they use it, there are many people who use PCs and mobile phones on the go, and seems to be a few people who take out the usual environment and connect with the Internet.

So, tomorrowDecember 26. In 1871 Japan's first court · Tokyo Court was established, and in 1933 the Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (currently Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.) was established. In the same year FM radio patent was taken. Also, in addition to being born in 1888, writer Kanichi Kikuchi, who created Bungei Spring Equal Company, was born in 1947, Kono Ogawara famous as a mobile suits designer for "Mobile Suit Gundam".

Today's headline news.
'Yahoo! Maps Information' expands aerial photographs, provided by 3 companies and received 'Good talks'(Net service, population coverage ratio to 95%)

The back number of "Internet magazine" is free of charge in PDF(Internet service, even if there is no registration you can refer to it)

Japan Victor postponed the release of DVD-RW DL media(Media, no compatible drive)

Matsushita, Hitachi and Canon collaborate on liquid crystal display business(Work hard for hardware, organic EL)

I want to enjoy year-end specials in cool: sustaining "cold weather" even in 12-hour recording - NEC's water-cooled PC was not only quiet (1/2) - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, water cooling PC with excellent cooling performance)

【2ch】 New speed quality 【annual】 Recommended free software(Software, recommended software selected by 2 chan)

【2ch】 New speed quality: Mozilla Firefox extension thread Thread summary(Software, full of convenient functions)

Expanding the Wi-Fi range with empty cans "Kantena" WIRED VISION(Hardware, communication range extended by about 300 meters)

I will receive such a blog service! ··maybe. | Blog to note cosplay costume(I understand that I want to show it only to a part of a blog, but it is not a blog anymore)

Minami Akina's relocation cost of a talent blog seen in a blog transfer - kawasaki's Hatena diary(Blog, will you be pulling out popular blogs?)

Painful news (No ∀ `): New Hollywood movie 'Street Fighter' The challenge of the hero is decided(It seems that movie, scheduled to be released in 2009 and played by Canadian-born Christine Crook)

Chinese boys arson to classmates, claiming "influence from game" WoW "| WIRED VISION(Overseas, arguing that it is the influence of World of Warcraft)

【Looking Back at Hit 2007: TV Edition】 Programs that were able to respond to viewers' "polarized" hits - Nikkei Trendy Net(Television, "Tamori Club" celebrating 26 years is strong at midnight)

Softbank Terminal Fee Unusually High - AIR-internet-EDGE(Mobile, actual sales price is close to 100,000 yen at maximum)

Softbank's white plan, over 10 million(Mobile, achieving 10 million cases within the year as expected)

Children's mobile phone, 60% "the same thing as an adult"(Mobile, I do not see children who are using mobile phones for children certainly)

TechCrunch Japanese Archive >> Online TV advertisement is better than TV CM survey result(Advertising, indeed it may not matter much about online TV)

Midsummer Christmas, where is it different? Excite News(Christmas, Santa in bathing suit is a minority)

"Reward for reward" for myself a part in Christmas business war / Local news news in Kanagawa Prefecture Kanagawa - Kanagawa Shimbun(Christmas, sales at the fountain pens sales place increased by 37% compared to the previous year)

Working for Akihabara, Clerk A's Christmas(Christmas, Christmas to spend with Sengoku)

Finally release the screen of the Nintendo DS version! "Dragon Quest V The Bride of the Sky" - Famitsu.com(Since the game and development are the same, the atmosphere of the map looks like Ⅳ)

With new power Rion opens the way and keeps destiny! "Tales of Destiny Director's Cut" - Famitsu.com(Game, Tales of Destiny where Rion becomes the main character)

TBS Animation "To Love-Ru" Official Website(Animation, scheduled to be broadcast in the spring of 2008)

StarChild: D.C.II S. S.(Anime, start thinking that it was over, the second term start from spring)

It's time to start As soon as the time of Comike The world is also attracting attention on the scale that gathers 550,000 people(Comike, it is terrible that the accident does not occur in that number)

Get it! Hobby Channel - ◎ [Comike 73] ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0(Comiket, shirts, bags, wallet chains, etc.)

Cardboard barbecued shops, "Rosen Aso" was distributing flyers(Story, wearing a white suit for some reason)

Tea Fairy: Overseas anime fans talking "Do you guys work?" - livedoor Blog (blog)(Work, neat is not there)

Ecology poison radio waves: I tried collecting horse super(If you do not have a helmet, helmet does not look super horse)

Tonan's blog 'Wa' and the left side of 'れ' are not the same shape(Language, I did not know it at all)

Only words in the Kanto area may be understood - Hatena Haiku(Language, "Horizontal entertainment (Iori yori)" is used)

Termination of words "Monthly" - "Polar" is used to mean "promise"("Monthly" not written in newspapers because it does not exist as a reading of language and kanji)

【2ch】 New Speed ​​Quality The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications thinks that the D terminal is a "digital terminal"(Did you misunderstand that it is digital because it is notes?)

Some of the entrance to this Baba entry will be renewed(Horse racing, total of 7 songs are new from January 5)

Netkeiba.com - Seasoning Kai was born and moved to his hometown(Horse racing, retiring stallions in effect)

[] Book First Desk Calendar(Calendar, reason why perforations are included)

@ Nifty: Daily portal Z: There is a dollar with a dolama of the model railway and a public bath(Railroad, what is this this public bath)

Everything is scored "Over 350 drinks" relayed by repetition of "the customer of the customer before the customer's drink fee" "Well, I also the next person's part"(It seems to be difficult to predict how much food to eat)

Asahi.com: Cafe a cake au lait, mac also here is a prison? - Komimi Pictures(You can also eat food, people going to crime to enter prison comes out)

The world's largest chocolate festival(Food, held in the main building of Isetan Shinjuku in January)

A wall that can not be crossed (゜ д ゜): McDonald's "xxx is invalid" Black weekend magazine's weekly magazine posting on black marketing advertisement - livedoor Blog (blog)(Eating, "I can not eat" part is painted black)

Examine your eyes to check your eyes(Health, what is measured by visual acuity test other than Landolt's ring)

Supplement that the skin will turn blue forever "Colloidal silver" WIRED VISION(Health, color changes after long-term ingestion and will not return to 2 degrees)

JR Fully Smokers "No Significant Impact on Survival" Tokyo District Court - MSN Sankei News(Although he complained that he was infringed on health, the right to pursue happiness, but rejected the request)

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