Old masterpiece "Sonic the hedgehog" resurrected as a game for iPod

Sonic 's first game, which was created as a Sega mascot character and became a game character known worldwide, has become available for playing on the iPod. It corresponds to 3rd generation iPod nano, iPod classic and 5th generation iPod. Infinite Continue was made and it seems that it has become easy to play because you can save any stage.

Details are as below. All 6 stages are included from the original mega drive version. The price is 600 yen and iTunes is necessary for downloading the game.
ITunes - Sonic The Hedgehog

Play movie is like this.
YouTube - Sonic the Hedgehog for iPod Video

By the way, in Japan, Sonic's latest racing game, which is scheduled to be released on January 17th, 2008 "Sonic Riders Shooting Star StoryThe latest trailer of "below. Although it has become 3D, the sense of speed has not changed since the beginning.

Gametrailers.com - Sonic Riders Zero Gravity - Gravity Control Trailer

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