American clothes policeman, take out a helicopter to the donut wanting

Albuquerque police officer in New Mexico took the trouble to bring the helicopter out just to buy a donut.America is a country with a high obesity rate in the worldBut, if there is only this landing, is there anything like that?

Details are as below.Cops use chopper to buy doughnuts

According to the witnesses' witnesses, two policemen are in the donut chain storeCrispy · Cream · DonutIt was said that a helicopter was used to buy a box of donuts. A helicopter came a few times on the shop and landed nearby, and a policeman who jumped out bought a donut. It seems that it will be calculated to use about 9,100 yen per hour to use the helicopter, but it seems not to be particularly concerned to the police officers this time.

A donut shop clerk said, "Even now a bit still getting angry, our taxes are being used for that helicopter, it's not going to jump into a donut shop."

Regarding this matter, the police side is checking the facts and said, "I do not know why the two people bought a donut, but if they truly committed a violation, they will be punished."

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