At last the time has come for Santa to be fired

Previously in AustraliaSanta's "ho ho ho" laugh was forbiddenSanta who worked at the department store used this phrase, and Santa clothes were stripped away though I told that.

Apart from being afraid of children, the word "ho" seems to be due to slang and women's contemptial meaning, but I feel that Santa laughing at "ha ha ha" does not feel much dignity .

Details are as below.Ananova - Santa 'sacked for saying ho, ho, ho'

Santa John Oakes of 70 years old worked in a department store in Cologne in Australia but after a work on Monday the manager called me and he was told that "you are no longer needed." It seems that Oakes, who thought that he did not do anything wrong, was told that he was inappropriate using traditional Santa's laugh "ho ho ho" when he visited the reason.

However, "Westaff" who hired Oakes as Santa denies that the word used is not a factor, and this time stated that Oakes's attitude towards work did not match with client and customer requirements It is.

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