Nintendo, Wii selling too much and can not keep up with production Canceling the promotion of the Christmas season

Although it is a story in Britain rather than in Japan, it seems that Nintendo decided to refrain from Wii's publicity for a while because there are so many voices calling for Wii. Nintendo DS ads will be placed in the inventory provided for Wii.

It is a happy thing to be in trouble if you sell too much.

Details are as follows.
News: Nintendo pulls Wii ads due to demand - Marketing Week

According to a Nintendo spokesperson, he said that he decided to stop advertising because he was developing a campaign throughout the year but it is irresponsible to continue the campaign while the retail store is short of Wii itself. The Wii production line was boosted to 1.8 million units a month, but it has not yet met demand. The campaign would be able to resume if the New Year is over after Christmas purchase rush is over.

Wii's sales volume was estimated at 14 million units by March 2008, but it is expected to reach 17.5 million units.

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