The second version of VOCALOID 2 was "Megumi Lin · Ren" and a pair of male and female

The voice actor of VOCALOID 2 second bullet "Kagamine Rin" following Hatsune Miku decided to Mr. Shimoda AsamiAs I mentioned earlier, the true appearance of that "Kagamine Rin" was made public. What a character is not alone,Kagamine RinWhenKagamine LenIt was a man and woman two people.

Details are as below.
[VOCALOID 2 information] CV 02 "Kagamine Rin & Len" public: Media phage business department blog

In the second volume of the VOCALOID CV series "Kagamine Rin & Len", it seems that attempts have been made to package two close-looking male and female characters born from a single female voice into one package, and the database of voices It seems that the price of two included items will be the same shape as Hatsune Miku.

Combined with Miku Hatsune with this, a combination of MEIKO, KAITO and other seniors may produce a wide range of songs.

The release is scheduled for late December 2007, the price is open price. The estimated market price is around 15,550 yen.

For detailed profiles of Lin and Ren etc from the following site

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