A picture of a car going on a road without Siberia

It is a picture of a car going on a road without Siberia. Trucks and SUVs are passing through muddy roads, rivers, etc. where the cars are buried. Especially the truck seems to be very difficult and I will be worried.

Details are as below. It is a track. I feel sympathy with the driver.

Do you do something?

Very large puddle

What will you do now?

I'm turned over

True bad road

Worried about returning

Everything is dirty with mud

It's like this from inside the car

It is sinking in the water as I worry about the car

The river replaces the way

I am crossing a log-made homemade bridge. worry.

After all, it seems that I have stepped out the tire.

This is already an ordinary river

Here is a link to the photo after the letter "Начало" on the site.

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