An applicant who wants to buy an uninhabited town in Texas at 300 million yen appears

There is an uninhabited town called Albert near San Antonio, Texas, and the owner there said that the town was sold for sale. There is a person who wants to purchase other Italian men who wish to purchase it for 3 million dollars (about 330 million yen), although it is a story that can only be sold in the game to buy and sell the town I am surprised.

Details are as follows.
The Journal Times Online> Ap> Strange> Unpopulated, 1-House Texas Town 'Sold'(Google Cash)

Albert is about 60 miles northeast of San Antonio, Texas. The size is roughly 13 acres (about 5 hectares), and the resident is zero. The town has a dance hall and tractor hut that was built 85 years ago, a house with three bedrooms, orchard of peach and pecan (walnut-like nut).

The men who were looking for pastures landed on this land began the history of the town since 1877, the first school was completed in 1891, the young days in 1920Lyndon JohnsonI heard that he enrolled here. The Albert Dance Hall which still remains in 1922 was built, and at the beginning of the 1950 's, the manager of the grocery store bought the town. The dance hall seems to be used as a social occasion, but by 1985 the grocery store was demolished and the dance hall was closed.

Robert L. Cave, a singer-songwriter who is a business owner, purchased this town in March 2003. He had a dream of restoring the grocery store and the remaining dance halls. However, he seems to have decided to let go of the town this time, he says he has solicited purchasers at eBay. Multiple applicants appeared, the Italian men had the highest value, and the price was 3 million dollars (about 330 million yen). Mr. Cave seems to have contacted this man because the planned price was 2.5 million dollars (about 270 million yen), but it seems that negotiations ended poorly, "There are others wanting to purchase Is it saying that?

Rather than buying and selling towns, is it a sense that you are buying and selling land with buildings? It seems interesting if it says that if you buy it you can become the mayor automatically.

The site of this town is the following. It is a beautiful town looking at photos, but a bit when asked if I would like to purchase ....

Aminities - Albert Texas

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