File sharing users will be forcibly disconnected from the Internet

If you share a file with copyright such as movies and music on the Internet, it seems that France will begin measures to forcibly be disconnected from the Internet.

Moreover, this is the official by agreement between the government, provider, copyright holder.

Details are as follows.
France set to cut Web access for music, film pirates | Technology | Internet | Reuters

According to this article, it seems that in France, warning messages will be sent from providers to users sharing movies and music files on the Internet.

This message says "If you do not stop file sharing, you will disconnect from the Internet", it is said to have been supervised by a judge. If you continue to ignore the warning message, the connection to the Internet will be temporarily or completely disconnected.

It is an international record industry organization for this decisionIFPI (International Federation of Phonogram and Videogram Producers)Although it seems to indicate a welcome intention, French consumer groups and some politicians say that "There is already a penalty for infringement of copyright," and that the measures are said to be too strict .

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