Various things that were not told in "Blog limit theory"

From 14 o'clock of the other day to around 15:30 "Blog limit theorySo I went to the talk session as one of the main panelists, so I went there, it was quite exciting and nice feeling. Regardless of the content of the session itself at the venue, I will write out the points and "continuations" that I could not talk about due to temporal circumstances.

Details are below.
■ The blog got boring ... ...?

It was not getting boring,Spam blogIncreasing "The concentration became thin"It is honest thought. However, it seems that it can be suppressed in the future to some extent in both systems and laws. However, living in the present progressive world, for the user right now living right now "The crisis there right nowIt is also a fact that it is. "Cracked window theoryAs it is the same as spam blogs become easy to see, just as it is, the evaluation of the whole blog as seen from people who do not touch the net much decreases. This is not a type of problem to be solved by neglect. Because there are so many cases that the spam blog occupies the top of the search results by making use of SEO · SEM techniques at the present time so that it is rather difficult to reverse the first impression when the other party is met for the first time , The user who saw it,
"I just caught my blog and I love you"
"Blog information is useless"
"It's annoying with only propaganda blogs trying to sell something"

It makes it easier for you to embrace the impression,prejudiceSo you will have it. Although it is not only a spam blog, it is likely to fall into the consciousness of "blog = noise".

In other words, the more people you are facing many of these noises, the more certainly the blogs will feel "boring". It seems that TV commercials are recognized unconsciously at the lower level when they show about 7 or 9 times, and they can be made to recognize also on consciousness by showing them further, so if you keep watching the internet world full of spam blogs, it is "boring" or "crappy" The likelihood of feeling as well will increase as well ... ... perhaps. However, even if it says so, as a whole "That is why, the future is a game, a critical pointI feel that. I want to think that it is just the calm before the storm before more interesting things come out ....

■ Necessity of system to eliminate spam blog

As Google is well-known,Fully automated everythingIt is uri to do. Of course it is certain that we try to drive out spam blogs from the search results, but in fact it is in a stormy state. HoweverHow to combat spam mailAs many have come out, it seems that methods and techniques will be established for reducing spam blogs as much as possible. This area is not a closed system, it should be developed as an open source, it will become the royal road to compete against each other by making full use of collective intelligence. Of course, as spammers similarly develop a method that goes through the exclusion system, it should be circulating truly, but even if it is truly a circle, it is crucial to keep fighting. "The battle of endlessly continuing light and darknessIt seems that, even though the equilibrium state does not occur, it is also a problem that the current Internet has.

Probably as Google as a next generation search engineThere are departments that are studying 'artificial intelligence'Whether it is for this "to raise the quality of search results by excluding obviously spam from the human eye". To be honest, I want to say that Google is doing my best. (Do not lose your other search engines too)

Work of finding diamonds from numerous sand grains

As far as the system has not yet reached the level that can fully derive the answer that is fully automated and can be processed, "Human powerThat's all we have to do with it. that is"Social Bookmark"And"Collective intelligenceIt is said that many areas of human beings do not work fully automat- ically, such as time and effort little by little. In other words, by teaching interesting things that happens to me by chance, everyone shares interest and shares value. It was supposed to be wisely by everyone getting profit little by little ...

From this point of view, GIGAZINE is "Information distribution businessDoes not it correspond to? I think that. It picks up the interesting information found and posts it as an article, and distributes information so that it can be seen by more people. Probably this "A mechanism for efficiently finding interesting items and valuable items"Is ultimately becoming specialized to the individualized preference of each individual, so ultimately" only "survives when transmitting primary information and original content Maybe. In other words, news sites and blogs that do not provide original information will be "Fully automated system for picking up interesting things according to personal preferencesIs not it supposed to be superseded and destroyed? It is possible to predict. More personalization of social-based sites may be a close image. In short, it is the emergence of personalized media to the limit. Then it is quite unimaginable what the public opinion that goes through the whole society will be. Will it be a utopia, orDystopiaWill it become ... ... Or will it be something else ... ?.

■ Current Japanese blog limit, weak power to influence real society

As a result of accumulating the various problems mentioned above, the current blog in Japan has not reached the level that has a great influence on the real world, especially "politics". Since the quality of blogs that should be an opinion sending system on the Internet is low (trust has declined), "Just because some somewhere anonymous girls are irresponsible on the netIt is treated as being handled. This is almost the same not only for blogs but also for bulletin boards and other communities, SNS and so on. On the contrary, in JapanNet is regulated in the electionIt is the situation that the book is in the overwhelming state at the end of saying. JustBad money drives out good coinsIt is progressing in real time. "The net is no more than a crowd of bullwhipThe winner of recognition is winning, indeed, it seems so ... Unfortunately.

Why did this happen? Considering the cause, in Japan, as individuals' taste preferences have been broken down more than imagined, "Put the crowd together to hold opinionsIt is because power is lacking. (However, it is necessary in the present society, but in the future such a violent method is likely to disappear so it may be in its transition period). Because the thought that goes through the whole necessary to form a party is fragmented, in Japan it is difficult for the movement to "agree with a person with self-assertiveness" overseas, it is hard to get up and the opinion does not reach the place of politics I am in a negative spiral to go. Moreover, it is difficult for the process of arguing opinion different from other people to make minorities into a majority, it is also difficult to work, it may be a problem that politicians who care about it do not have the mechanism to pull up opinions of the net. From the above generation who holds the interests at the present moment, "prejudice" is still bad for the net, the disadvantage is outweighed than the merit, and what is "bad" or "unintelligible", that is, It has become the state.

Looking at the situation in the United States here, it is as follows because the cultural base is different from Japan.

"Citizen 2.0" will affect the results of the 2008 US presidential election, US research

Survey officials have found that many citizens rely on a lot of information on the Internet, not only that they believe the Internet to be the most trusted and most frequently used source of information. For example, 87% use the news site for political information collection and learning, 82% search engine, 56% candidate website, 51% blog and political website, 40% We used an online group on politics.

On the other hand, looking at the situation in Japan, the existing membership systemPress Club(It is not even possible to join other than a newspaper or television fundamentally) has many cases to monopolize various kinds of information of politics, economy, society, only by doing blogs there is a limit to the information collecting ability around that .

Press Club - Wikipedia

A reporters club (kisha -) is a news gathering of reporters of a specific news agency that has a reporters room set up at the prime minister's official residence, ministries and agencies, municipalities, local public entities, police, industry organizations, etc. It is an organization and receives exclusive information from each group. Basically, the space and operating costs of the press room are borne and provided by each group, and the press club exclusively operates. Organizations that exclude such media other than specific media use Japanese as kisha club as it is in foreign countries as there is no organization or language applicable to it in foreign countries. It is a subject of criticism in overseas media as a symbol of the closed constitution in the Japanese press.

In other words, someone needs to bring an information source, but that power is hardly present in Japanese blogs now. A distorted structure arises that there are many problems with existing mass media, but there is no choice but to rely on it. There is also the idea that the reporter is a reporter and it is good to live as a professional, but the road to securing the original information source is still necessary as collateral in terms of reliability of information? I think. It is a scoopy thing, a squirrel thing, that is, a chikara for reaching "the truth". To put it simply, it is absolutely impossible to organize a press conference by the Prime Minister of Japan hosted by GIGAZINE at present but it is probably absolutely impossible, but probably if all the existing blogs and the entire Internet are bundled, It will be possible to have the power to move it. However, in Japan now it is "Desperation theoryThat's all there is to it. However, if it is realized it may approach the ultimate direct democracy, and as the opposite aspect to it, the ultimatePolitenessIt may be falling into. There is room for further discussion around here.

■ Last hope, can the Internet be a tool to maximize individual's power

Politics and the world do not change in one vote of one's own, the minority can not overcome the majority, this is the reality of now. However, it is also a fact that the net has the potential as well as possibility to transform the minority into a majority faction, revealing deception and penetrating the truth with considerably less effort than ever. One of the tools is "blog", and now, that "system of blogs" may be at the limit. Typical examples of mixiSocial networking serviceMigration to communication based on the mobile phone of the younger generation is also underlying, as well as the movement to mobile phone to the young generation. Furthermore, the deterioration of the image due to the deterioration of the overall quality as mentioned above is also hidden under the fundamentals, and in fact, as a search engine option "Exclude blogThere are increasing things such as.

Added "blog filter" function to Yahoo! search and Web search - Yahoo! Search staff blog - Yahoo! Blog

"Goo", "blog filter" function to exclude blogs from search results

Also, how do existing media tell the net? The point is also important. Although everything has good and bad sides, it is unlikely that only good things but only bad things are unilateral, but in reality it does not really consider that possibility, it only repeats unilateral criticism, There are still many cases where it is relentlessly done to strictly emphasize only the negative aspects without stating constructive opinions leading to the future. The following is an example.

Hatsune Miku special feature of "Akko's Random" is too bad and it makes a big fuss - GIGAZINE

Developer officially comments on Hatsune Miku special feature on TBS 'Aku no Ekishira' - GIGAZINE

Existing media is already reaching the limit point, furthermore it seems that there is a limit to blog or Internet itself. However, it is certain that "technology" and "thought" are born only when you hit the wall, just to overcome it. And it is obvious what will happen if you go against these changes and transformation movements in the history of humankind until now.

What will happen to the Internet three years later? As I could not imagine the current state of the net three years ago, I can not see the end at the moment. That is why I believe that it is worth picking up what is going on and delivering it.

Please let us know your ideas and tell GIGAZINE.

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