Google users Yahoo! There are no friends than JAPAN users

According to a survey by E Store Co., Ltd., 34.7% of users use Google to gather information on the Internet, while Yahoo! It seems that 60.4% of users use JAPAN.

And this time, "Google users Yahoo! There are many people who do not have friends compared with JAPAN users, and those with zero friends are Yahoo! Approximately twice as much as JAPAN usersIt was revealed that it was said that. What is this survey ...?

Details are as follows.
(PDF file)E store investigation "Google people, Yahoo! People" No. 1 "Friends" How many people?
One in ten people of "Google people" is more than twice that number "no friends" that number "Yahoo! People"!

According to this release, E Store Co., Ltd. focused on the difference in attributes and awareness of "Google" and "Yahoo! JAPAN" users of the search service, and he said that Internet survey was conducted for 412 people nationwide.

And, "How many friends are good friends for you? I answered "0 people" as a result of a question saying "Yahoo! JAPAN users got 4.4%, and Google users got 9.8%.

Also answered "more than 20 people" Yahoo! JAPAN users were 2.0% while Google users were 0%, and the average number of friends was Yahoo! There are 3.4 JAPAN users and 2.6 Google users.

This is a graph. Approximately one out of ten Google users have no friends.

It is quite an interesting result, but I'm wondering why I came up with such a question ....

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