Start guaranteeing the lowest price of Amazon reserved items

Items of Amazon sometimes change between the start of reservation sale and the release date, but until now the price has been accepted at the price at the time of booking, the price has declined before the sale We had to make payment at the price at the time of booking as well.

However, it seems that from now on, the minimum price up to the shipping date will be automatically applied even if you do not reserve it again or contact from the inquiry form.

Details are as - Promotion details

According to the details of the promotion it is said that the minimum selling price during the period from the time of preordering the target item to the shipping procedure, or the release date, whichever comes earlier, will be the amount paid and the points will be adjusted automatically . The target is that there is an indication "price guarantee of reserved goods" on the product details page, and if the price drops after ordering, it will be reflected in the order history of the account service within 24 hours.

Although it is not necessarily necessary to set anything in particular, the price guarantee of the reserved item is not applied to orders before November 20 (Tue) 2007, so the price of the item reserved to date has changed Even its guarantee does not seem to be done. People who have booked with Amazon so far please be careful.

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